Unbound Seminars in Formal Linguistics

I’m thrilled to announce the Unbound Seminars in Formal Linguistics, which will be held January 24th to June 20th, 2019, at the Université de Genève (Département de Linguistique).

Rendez-vous every Tuesday 2-4pm, at Uni Bastions (room 103).



The unbound seminars are a cycle of weekly talks in formal linguistics. As their name suggests, they are self-managed and come to existence to implement the teaching offer of our Department, without burding on its finances.


The unbound seminars aim to bring together local and external advanced students, as well as professors of the Université de Genève and other European and non European well-renowned Universities.


The idea behind them is very simple: let’s share our latest scientific findings, receive and give feedback, learn about each other’s works…and, in the absence of enough funds to finance the venue of all non local academics that we wish to invite in Geneva, let’s have them on Skype!


I am thrilled to announce this year’s programme. Thanks for everyone’s who’s making this possible, and please feel free to suggest a speaker — some slots are still to be assigned.

Date Speaker & title of presentation 

January 24th

Karoliina LohinivaNew York University

‘Unboundedness and object case in Finnish’

February 7th

Aquiles Tescari NetoUniversidade Estadual de Campinas

‘Verb Raising in Angolan and Mozambican Portuguese: a Cartographic Analysis’

February 14th

Elena CallegariOslo University

~ livestream from Oslo ~

‘On the incompatibility of foci and interrogative elements: a semantic solution’

February 28th

Caterina Bonan – Université de Genève

‘Notes on focus movement of clause internal wh-phrases’


*** pause ***

March 14th

Karen MartiniUniversité de Genève

~ livestream from Toronto ~


March 21st

Léna BaunazUniversité de Genève / Universität Zürich


March 28th

Hasmik JivanyanUniversité de Genève


April 4th

Liliane HaegemanGhent University


April 11th

— pending —

April 18th

Giuseppe Samo (Beijing)

~ livestream from Beijing ~


*** Pâques ***

May 2nd

Margherita PallottinoUniversité de Genève


May 9th

Laura ErmacoraUniversité de Genève


May 16th

Espen Klævik-PettersenOslo University

~ livestream from Oslo ~


May 23rd

Nicholas CatassoBergische Universität Wuppertal

~ livestream from Wuppertal ~

‘Verb-Third in the diachrony of German’

May 30th

Wenli TangUniversité de Genève


June 6th

Fuqiang LiBeijing Language and Culture University 

(Visiting student)


June 13th

Christos VlachosPatras & Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

~ livestream from Athens ~


June 20th

David BlunierUniversité de Genève